what people are saying about "a woman like that"

what people are saying about "a woman like that"


"A stunning film."  - Carol Gilligan, Author, In a Different Voice 

 "Beautiful on many levels, “a woman like that” is a riveting film, an excellent example of the marriage between art and history." - Jill Claster, NYU

 "The storytelling is so utterly original. It really is an "art film" in the deepest sense - an artistic narrative about art that is so powerful and accessible. It's such an imaginative and unique film. I loved it." - Joey Forsyte, cinematographer

"I highly recommend it. It's not a traditional biopic, but an original "take" on how to deal with someone long dead. Making the film was a struggle: the (successful) result of another woman's struggle, Ellen Weissbrod's, against the odds to make art."  - Richard Spear, Professor of Art History, University of Maryland

 “It is beautifully filmed. The story it tells is so relevant to the thousands of women in my work who wrestle with courage and encouragement.  As one of the collectors says, “The life is a message” . . . The films’ message to women who, at each stage, heroically create and re-create their lives, makes it resonate far beyond the artist."  - Marie Wilson, Co-Founder of Ms. Foundation, The White House Project, Take Our Daughters to Work Day

 “A lovely job bringing a historical figure to present day life.”  - Gloria Steinem

 "Brava! Bravissima! Tremendous! Personal, moving, smart, witty, and engaging, with ample doses of humor - I highly recommend this for both university and museum professionals. " - Jill Deupi, Director, Bellarmine Museum, Fairfield U

"I think it is terrific in the most significant of ways. You have restored agency and power to Artemisia the artist. An amazing achievement!" - Mary D. Garrard  Professor Emeriti, American University


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