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7th Street Film Syndicate "Terms of Use"

Your use of content obtained from 7th Street Film Syndicate constitutes your acknowledgement and agreement to the terms and conditions contained below (“Terms of Use”) between Licensor (7th Street Film Syndicate and User (Licensee).
1. Definitions
    A. Institutional Use: use in markets including, but not limited to, colleges, universities and museums.
      1. Classroom Use: A performance of a program in classrooms or other related venues, for audiences of more than one person, conducted without charging admission. In this context, programs may be shown by any means which do not require digitization, transfer, alteration, duplication or reproduction.
      2. Unified campus (NOT A CONSORTIUM): A geographically discrete setting which constitutes the principal place of business of the licensee.
      3. Distance learning: Specific coursework conducted via internet connection by students enrolled for this purpose through the campus of the licensee as defined above.
      4. Purchase permits screening in a classroom, auditorium or library only to an in-community group when no admission is charged, and there is no advertising outside the learning community *
    B. Public Library, K-12 School, Community College, Community Groups use
      1. Individual public library & individual K-12 (not a consortium), Not-For Profit, charitable, social and artistic groups, societies and organizations.
      2. Purchase permits screening in a classroom, auditorium or library only to a in-community group when no admission is charged, and there is no advertising outside the learning community *
    C. Individual streaming, individual or family for personal use.
      1. Limited to individual or family groups - personal use only
* If admission is charged or the screening is open to the general public and advertised outside the learning community, or for fundraising or other types of screenings, please contact us at: http://awomanlikethatfilm.com/contact to arrange a commercial film booking.

2. Grant of License
    A. 7th Street Film Syndicate grants to the Licensee a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the Content (as defined below) for educational use. Any other use of this content must be licensed through special arrangement with the filmmaker.
    B. Not permitted under this license are the right to rent, sublease or sub-license content to others. Content may not be digitized, transferred, altered, duplicated or reproduced by any means without prior, written authorization of 7th Street Film Syndicate and the filmmakers.
    C. Films licensed for institutional use may only be shared within any single, geographically unified campus, and with distance-learning classes and students who are enrolled by the Licensee for study conducted through that campus. Sharing of streamed, downloaded or disk 7th Street Film Syndicate content between two or more campuses, or with other institutions, or with individuals, classes or groups who are not specifically affiliated through employment or enrollment with the licensee, is not permitted without the express authorization of 7th Street Film Syndicate.
    D. Institutional download purchase terms permit classroom use.
    E. Classroom use is not included for products licensed for individual viewing.
    F. This license is granted only upon payment of fees specified by or through 7th Street Film Syndicate through Vimeo, PayPal or mutually agreed upon methods.

3. Copyright
    A. All materials purchased from 7th Street Film Syndicate including, but not limited to, video, audio, graphics, text, images, and interactive media ("Content") are the property of 7th Street Film Syndicate or have been licensed to 7th Street Film Syndicate and are protected by international copyright and trademark laws. Licensee has no ownership of the Content.
    B. In addition, the contents of this Web site, including but not limited to design, "look and feel," software code, text, images, audio, and audiovisual Content, are copyrighted, with all rights reserved by 7th Street Film Syndicate © 2010.

4. Term
    A. The term of this License Agreement shall be concurrent with the length of the license chosen by the Licensee, i.e. 7 day (streaming rental)  life of the file (download),  life of the disk (Blu-ray and DVD purchase) or other agreed-upon term. Upon expiration, non-renewal, or any termination of the license, all Licensee's rights to use the Content shall cease.

5. Representations and Warranties of the Licensor
    A. All information, products and other content (including third party information, products and content) included in or accessible from 7th Street Film Syndicate Content are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind (express, implied and statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of title and non-infringement and the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose), all of which 7th Street Film Syndicate disclaims to the fullest extent permitted by law. Licensee's use of the Content is at licensee's sole risk.

6. Representations and Warranties of the Licensee

    A. Licensee warrants that all information provided is true and accurate. 7th Street Film Syndicate may terminate Licensee’s rights to any or all service if any information Licensee provides is false or inaccurate.

     B. We reserve the right to require that you verify eligibility for different purchasing classifications, such as purchasing for a Higher Education institution, for a Public Library, etc. We reserve the right to refuse sale for entities failing to verify eligibility under this clause.

7. 7th Street Film Syndicate's Privacy Policy

    A. Except as otherwise expressly provided for in this Agreement, our Service is subject to 7th Street Film Syndicate's Privacy Policy, which is expressly made a part of this Agreement.

8. Privacy

    A. Any personal information that 7th Street Films requests for the online ordering process shall not be sold or distributed to any party or other entity outside of 7th St Films and our assigns.

    B. 7th St Films and our assigns will take reasonable steps to protect this information from unauthorized people and entities.

9. Governing Law
    A. These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the United States and, where no other state law is applicable, the State of New York, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws. However, with respect to a State or Public Institution Licensee that is restricted by laws governing contracts solely to those of its applicable state, Licensor will agree that these Terms of Use be governed by the laws of such state.

10. Miscellaneous
    A. Licensor reserves the right to refuse service and terminate accounts at its sole discretion, with or without cause, including, but not limited to, if Licensor believes Licensee's conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to Licensor.
    B. Licensor's rights, including but not limited to all rights of remedy for Licensee's breaches under this Agreement, shall continue in perpetuity.
    C. Licensor reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms of Use or this service at any time. Licensee's continued use of this site following the posting of any changes will mean that Licensee has accepted the changes. Licensor may add, delete, or modify features, titles, as well as the scope of service and support provided. Pricing, product features and specifications, and product title library are all subject to change without notice.
    D. No delay or failure of Licensor to take action under these Terms and Conditions will constitute a waiver by Licensor, unless expressly waived in writing by Licensor.
    E. These "Terms of Use" constitute the complete agreement of the parties and contain the entire understanding of the parties hereto relating to the Content, supersede any prior written or oral agreement or understandings between the parties with respect to the Content, and cannot be changed or terminated orally. Only a writing specifically referencing these Terms of Use and signed by the parties hereto may amend them.